Jon and Cookie

04 Sep 2014

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comI love my girl so much. I visited Philippines once last year July 2013. So much that i wanted her to be in my arms the soonest, i looked up online which agency can make things easier and fast in filing visas. I found rapidvisa and read testimonials on it, then i tried. Without further delay, yes, rapidvisa helped the processing of papers clear, right and fast. I am so grateful that i took the chance to sign in in this website to help me and my fiancé in filing the visa.

I filed the petition last December 2013, taught me what to do and what to prepare. My fiancé received the letter from embassy on March 2014, considering a lot of holidays were in between during the filing. Cookie, my fiancé was overwhelmed with the staff in Philippines, as she said the staff eagerly answered her questions when being confused and much more, staff in the rapidvisa helped her get a schedule for medical exam and embassy interview. Then on May 2014 we got the k1 and k2 visa. Truly it was a fast paced experienced we had, it took only 5 months of filing and processing papers and now i am happily married to my girl last July 2014, together with our boy Sean. Wow, isn’t it amazing having these people who even extend their help beyond what rapidvisa can offer.

And now, without second thought i like to file the AOS still here in rapidvisa- a stressfree agency for visas. With their helpful, dedicated, committed and friendly staff, I’m sure everything is on hand and taken care off. GOD BLESS YOU MORE RAPIDVISA. It’s really a highly recommended agency. keep it up rapidvisa!!!


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