Jon and Hermie

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comJune 3,2016 — Case sent to USCIS

June 9,2016 — Case Received

June 13,2016 — NOA1

August 10,2016 — NOA2 Approval * 58 Days Interval from Noa1

August 25,2016 — MCN creation * 15 Days Interval from Noa2 * We got it on our third time call

August 30,2016 — NVC Letter

August 31,2016 — In Transit A.M

August 31,2016 — Case Ready P.M

September 5,2016 — Paid Visa Fee

September 15&16,2016 — Medical * (Passed.. Glory to God! ❤)

September 20,2016 — Interview * (Approved .. Glory to God!)

September 23,2016 — Issued * (Visa Status.. Glory to God!)

September 28,2016 — Visa On Hand

October 10,2016 — CFO Seminar October 13,2016 — Arrived in USA All the Glory belongs to God Alone! ❤❤

Thankyou very much Rapid Visa and to all the staff who helped us through out our whole process. God Bless everyone! It’s all worth it 🙂 I am not ashame to recommend this site to other fiancees who just started on their process.

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