Jeff and Jean

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comTo Rapidvisa,

We would like to thank Rapidvisa for the helped with our K1 Visa Application for making the paper work and process very easy and convenient .Especially to Ms. Juliet, Jen, Weng, Dan, Dominic and Albert who answered all our questions and for being accommodating. We filed our K1 visa on May 26,2012 and had approved on November 21,2012.My fiancée and I had been each other again on January 26,2013,We got married April 15,2013.Now,we are very happy spending time with each other as a husband and wife. So we highly recommend Rapidvisa to any one who will file their K1/ Fiancee’ and Spousal visa.

Again, Thank you for making our dreams and goal possible! God Bless You!!!

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