Jay and Jenefer

25 Aug 2014

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comDear Ben and staff,

Jenefer and I want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. I can’t imagine trying to do something like this without the expert help and guidance that all of you have given. First I was so nervous because I had more than the 2 “allowed” dui’s. Going back to college age (not my most proud moments) and I was so afraid that they would not approve the petition for visa. Ben, you and Jocelyn calmed me down and soothed my nerves. I left your office feeling confident that the petition would be approved. I went to your office and paid the small fee to have you help with the paperwork, money well spent. It was approved on February 10th2012. During our “visa journey” Jenefer was fired by her unscrupulous employer in Hong Kong who opened her mail and saw the US Embassy letter. So Jeneferhad to go back to the Philippines rather than stay in Hong Kong for the interview. This delayed things for a month or two. The wonderful thing that happened though, was you had opened an office in Manila in December 2012 and a lovely and kind young woman, Jenn Maniego was like a sister to Jenefer. Took her calls and helped her stay peaceful and calm. Plus the service from her and your Manila office was nothing short of amazing. Ben thank you for providing such a wonderful service. I should not be surprised since you went through this process yourself with your lovely wife. Jenefer and I will be forever grateful to you, Jocelyn, Keith, and to our new “sister” Jenn in Manila! You may give my email address to anyone who would like a reference. I will be talking to you soon for the AOS.

God bless you all!

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