James and Glady

21 Nov 2016

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comVery easy to use, very happy with your services, visited Manila office day before embassy interview and the staff was very helpful and made sure all our forms were prepared and in proper order. My fiancee was able to call Manila office anytime she had a question or concern about process and they were very helpful to her everytime. RapidVisa took very good care of us. The process was pretty close to time frame RapidVisa estimates.

I will say make sure your fiancee has proper acceptable ID and passport before or just as you are starting process so you do not get stuck waiting for them in the middle of your process to save time. Our total wait time from start to embassy Visa approval was 8 months due to waiting to get passport before her interview. I will also say if you can, GO with your fiancee to the embassy interview, I highly recommend you attend, Our interview was very fast, I watched some of the other ladies go through with their interview alone and they were interviewed and scrutinized much harder than we were. I think with me standing there next to my fiancee made a huge difference. the interviews not very private and whole waiting room can hear. Our preview interview was no more than 3 minutes to submit a few forms and answer 2 or 3 questions, than a 30 minute wait for next interview which turned out o be our final interview which was no more than 5 minutes, there is one more interview if it is deemed needed to answer few more questions but we didn’t need that one, the lady was very nice and wished us luck and approved us on the spot.

RapidVisa made this whole process much easier not having to guess which forms to fill out or send, they send everything in for you and make your payment to proper offices if you go with the EZ pay plan. My fiancee will be here in a few weeks and I thank you very much for your sevices.

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