Geoff and Megumi

11 Aug 2014

Japan-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comMy first contact to Rapid Visa was by phone talking to Ben, more than once Ben was extremely helpful and at no cost to me. Rapid Visa was well worth the money for me/us, as you all know immigration can be very stressful and so it was a great relief to have the ‘donkey’ work done for us. I would firmly recommend the extra small cost for letting RV prepare, package and send everything, I feel that USCIS must be used to seeing the well packaged documents and I felt anything to help them would be helping ourselves too.

Megumi and I are so happy now and no doubt RV has aided us nicely to our final goal, well worth it! The staff/friends at RV are always there to quickly answer our questions and I found they never showed frustration if I asked the same question over and over, I fully recommend Rapid Visa. Megumi is Japanese, I am English, we live in the USA…just for the record. Good luck! BIG THANKS to Ben.

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