Gene and Arcy

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comWithout Rapid Visa’s help this process would have been a nightmare. There is so much redundancy in the paperwork it makes your head spin. Rapid Visa was always there to explain and clear up confusing situations.

If you’re doing this while in the Philippines I would advise using Skype to make calls back to the US Homeland Security. It takes at least 20 t0 30 minutes just to get through and another 10-15 before someone answers the phone. You can buy skype credit and it’s only 2.5 cents a minute. Buying the usual load is not going to cut it.

Make sure your fiancee or spouse goes through the CFO seminar in Cebu. Also any female children over 13 years of age need to go also.No seminar no passport stamp. If you go to St. Luke’s be prepared to spend over 12 hours for two days.

Make sure you visit Rapid Visa’s office in Manila and thank the kind people there. Plus get all your paperwork checked out and put in the correct order before the embassy interview.

We received our visa and left for New York on April 1st 2015. We received Social Security Cards and are waiting for the Green Cards in a few weeks. And our daughter Angeline has started her Ballet classes in New York and the weather is getting warmer so we will start exploring the Big Apple…

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