F. Richard and Glenda

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comI have been asked to write a few words about how this company, Rapid Visa assisted my fiancé and I to achieve our goal of getting her the Visa that was needed so we could marry and I could bring my lady to my country …the USA.

I don’t know where to begin…from the very first day to the last day the time frame was about 9 months each and every day my team (Rapid Visa) was there for both my lady and for me assisting us in answering any questions that we might have had. When we would get a little discouraged our team was there giving us encouragement telling us it will happen and it did.

When it was time for my fiancé to have her interview with the U.S. Embassy I decided to fly to Manila and be by her side for her interview…all along the way our team (Rapid Visa) was there for us…we could NOT have completed this visa request as quickly as we did without their help. I am so amazed of the dedication that each member of the team has…they all have the same goal and that is to assist us in getting our Visa as quickly as possible.

In closing I want to say that as a business owner that Rapid Visa has some of the nicest employee’s that are sincere, loyal all with the same goal in assisting their client achieve their objective…I can not give more praise to an organization then this company. Thank you all for another job well done…we will never forget all of you.

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