Doug and Analyn

22 Aug 2014


Thank you so much for all of your help in getting my fiance Analyn to the United States. Our application was accepted by USCIS in June and I had Analyn here a couple days before Christmas. Everywhere I read on the internet people were saying it took 8 to 10 months to get their fiance over. It only took us 6 months and I have Rapid Visa to thank for that. It was a long road and frustrating at times, but it was well worth it. I am not a very patient person and I think my impatience and perseverance also helped in speeding things along. I have a couple suggestions for others out there who are going through the K Visa process. First of all, the Department of Foreign Affairs recently changed their policy, applicants for a Philippine Passport must have either a Drivers License or a Social Security photo ID. If your fiance hasn’t had a job that contributes to Social Security she will have to do a voluntary pay for a month before they will take her photo ID. Then it takes about 2 months after the photo is taken before the ID is ready. So, my suggestion for those who don’t have a SSS ID or Drivers License is to get the voluntary pay to Social Security going as soon as you submit your paperwork to Rapid Visa. The other suggestion I have is for the Sponsor to make International phone calls to these agencies and prod them along. Be polite, if you are rude you might never see your fiance’s Visa. Just politely explain that you are the fiance and wondering if there is anything you can do to speed things along. I always asked if there was a fee I could pay to make it go quicker, they always refused the fee, but usually within a day or two of offering, that agency would finish working on Analyn’s Visa.

Again, I am so grateful to Jenn and the rest of the Rapid Visa office for all of their help and I am getting ready to order a change of status from Rapid Visa now. I have attached some photos of Analyn and I.

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