Denny and Damari

25 Mar 2016

Venezuela-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comWant to thank Rapid Visa and everyone that takes part in making this journey a great one. Our process took over 10 months and every step of the way Rapid Visa was always available to answer our questions and concerns.

I want to make it clear that it took 10 months not due to any error made my how our papers were process but due to storms and other closures at process location in USA. when we filed for K1 we were about to hit 3 years of actual date that we saw eachother in person so we were a little skeptical about the visa not being approved due to the 2 year period that we had to had seen eachother. i started the process 3/20/2015, and a week after recieved notice of I129F and it was being process. after that the wait was a long one. that was mainly due to storms forming in Texas floods and closures of goverment offices it took about 8 months for approval notice to come in. 11/2/2015 thru 03/01/2016 advicing that the petition was sent to state national visa and it would be process by them within two to four weeks to be sent to U.S. Embassy of Consulate. then 18 days after we recieved notice that the I129 had been send to embassy of caracas we just needed to wait on embassy to contact us for next step.

afew days later we were contacted advicing they were ready for appointment. my fiance appointment was 02/02/2016 interview when smooth they had all paperwork that was send by me that rapid visa prepared and all they ask him was for his physical,passport,criminal background check records, and about 5 questions that referred to how we meet. and he was approved he receievd his passport along with visa 5 days later and in 2/22/2016 we were reunited.

we are getting married 4/6/2016. thank you again for all support even though it was a long wait it was a worth one to experience.

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