David and Phuong

Vietnam flagOur story started almost a year ago. Through countless hours of e mails, skyping, texting. Then making our dream of being together forever as man and wife from a dream to reality, the process began. I have say myself and Phuong are so glad we chose Rapid Visa. The process was still stressful and for us seemed to take forever, it was so difficult to be apart from each other throughout the K1 process but with the help of rapid visa we got through smoothly with no set backs. From start to finish it took almost exactly 6 months, from submission of our packet to getting home to the US. You still have to be aggressive and not sit back and take a “wait and see” approach, you have to be proactive and stay on top of the process. But with the guidance and know how and support of Rapid Visa all went as well as could be expected, I would recommend this service to anyone. Myself and Phuong are now married and living together in our home in Florida, about to start the adjustment of status process (AOS), and yes we are using Rapid Visa to help us through it. We are so pleased with the service and know without there help and experience we would not have gotten this done as quickly and efficiently as we did.

A million thanks to everyone at Rapid Visa.

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