David and Juliet

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comI would like to take the time out of our hectic schedule to give THANKS to the WHOLE RAPIDVISA STAFF!!!! your company made this happen so fast, and still had time for the million questions me and Juliet had !! from the phone calls to the endless emails to actually working with Juliet preparing her for the medical and interview process, I want to give extra thanks to Sir Albert, for his time for his patience, even with what was going on in his personal life (the typhoon that wiped out his hometown) he stayed a true professional, always there when we needed him. I will be more than gladly recommend rapidvisa to any couple that’s ready to take the final step, but be warned ahead of time!! you better be ready cause these guys make it happen so fast, you will not be ready!! when you file your first application go then and pack your bags because before you can turn around your on your way to your loved one to bring them home to you!! im happy to say my Juliet got approve March 3, 2014 after only 4 months, my bags are packed and I fly to get her March 20, 2014 !!! again many thanks RapidVisa!!!

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