Daniel and Nun

25 Aug 2014

Thailand-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comHi I’m Daniel, I had to write and tell about my Rapid Visa experience. I met Nun in Thailand in March of 2011 and made the decision to do a K1 visa to bring her to the U.S. Like everyone else I ran the gambit online looking for the right company to assist in making the dream come true. So many offers and promises from some great looking web sites but reading the testimonials on RV made the decison for me.

Rapid Visa said I could call them anytime I needed to… and I did. Sometimes twice a day with some simple question they have heard a thousand times but everytime they put me at ease in their cheerful polite manner re-assuring me that everything would be fine. It was refreshing to see a company live up to and exceed its advertising! They were always a pleasure to talk to and work with. Follow up with email or online questions was always done 7 days a week.

The petition was accepted by USCIS on Nov 15, 2011…probably not the best timing as everyone knows nothing gets done by the U.S. Gov between Thanksgiving and New Years but on April 9, 2012 the petition was approved. On June 25 she had her interview and as everyone else she was nervous! All the horror stories of the interview process were just that …stories. Nun and I had provided more proof of relationship than they required and I think it made the difference. On July 2, 2012 Nun and her daughter landed in Kodiak, Alaska! On July 29, 2012 we were married!

The process was not without a glitch or two but nothing this complicated goes without a hitch. Thanks to Dan, Jen and Keith at Rapid Visa our dreams are a reality! Rapid Visa is a well run proffessional company that I highly recommend to anyone the services Rapid Visa offers. They took a daunting process and make it acheivable with their simple easy to understand process.

Thanks Again Rapid Visa!!!!!

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