Charlie and Ao

25 Aug 2014

Thailand-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comDear Jenn,

we are still awaiting notification about the adjustment of status paperwork but we wanted to take a moment and tell people thinking about paying a lawyer to help them with a Fiance Visa or using your service. I have a friend and he did not want to go with your service (big mistake) he hired a lawyer and paid about 80,000 baht after everything was done. I paid your fee. I must tell you that my fiance was a little upset that I was going with your service instead of a lawyer. I told her that a lawyer was not necessary and that your service had some very good testimonials. My friend went with the lawyer and we went with your service. We got the fiance at the exact same time but he had to pay close to $3,000 for the same thing that you did for us. Not to mention that I must have called you about 50 times asking, “what about this and what about that?” I made this mistake or I heard this and every single time you had the answers for me and my fiance which were absolutely ON THE MONEY! My friend who had the lawyer in Bangkok working for him could not get the lawyer on the phone after he paid the money. He could not get things answered and he was very frustrated.

Well, we had a beautiful ceremony in Udon Thani and soon after that my Fiance was able to travel to Bangkok for a….no lie!!…. 10 minute interview. That was it!! She was told to come back the following day and pick up the Visa, which she did. Your service was a life saver… simple….so easy……so efficient! I have recommended your service to my friend who paid for the lawyer to do the AOS for his wife and he is using you right now!! The lawyers wanted another 50,000 baht to do that. Another friend is trying to get his wife over here now and has just signed up for your service. I tell everybody! We are happily married for about 7 months now!! We are very happy and my wife is happy that I found your service.

We are sending you a couple of pictures of our ceremony in Udon Thani!! My wife is beautiful right???? Haha! I am a lucky man!

Best regards,

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