22 Aug 2014

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comI’m so grateful my husband used Rapid Visa to do the petition for K-1 visa. Rapid Visa are excellent and guaranteed that they do the forms for you and you just filled it up and mailed it to them. Doing the paper works by yourself for me is kind of stressful, especially if its your first time and if you don’t have enough knowledge about it. Honestly, filing forms are little bit confusing too. With Rapid Visa, you can contact and ask for assistance anytime during their business hours. When we did ours, we submitted our papers last April 2012 to Rapid Visa. We got our first letter last May 02, 2012, and noticed that they received our petition forms from the Immigration office, we got our petition approval last August 21, 2012, I did my K-1 interview last October 24, 2012. It was pretty smooth because all my questions and doubts are gone working with them. Rapid Visa will instruct you doing the whole process, like where and how to pay for the visa, the medical appointment, and the CFO seminar to get the sticker, and making the Interview appointment. I’ve been meeting the people who worked at Rapid Visa also when I brought all my papers to let them review before my interview at the embassy. They are nice and friendly people. The money that the visa cost is worth it to be together with my husband. I got my visa approved, and we both very happy! I got here in the US last Nov. 10 2012, got married last January 26 2013. And now, were starting my Adjustment of Status with them again of course! We trust Rapid Visa, No doubts at all!

Thank You RapidVisa for the good service!! God Bless!!

Yours truly,

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