Bryan and Monica

28 Jan 2016

Ecuador-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comWe went on line reading researching all we needed to get a K1 Visa. After weeks of research finding all the forms and getting it together we got excited that we had everything together and it was mailed. We were so happy now we just had to wait (and the wait was hard when all you want is to be together). After about a month of waiting we got back a letter telling us to fill out the correct paper work and resubmit. THEY Didn’t EVEN TELL US WHAT WAS MISSING OR WHAT THEY NEEDED,I guess we were supposed to guess. After all that wasted time and effort we found Rapid Visa online and decided we would give that a try. When we logged on and saw how easy it was we were so upset that we didn’t do this in the first place. They lead us STEP BY STEP with no confusion of what needed to be done, what papers needed to be filled out what fees needed to be paid and where ALWAYS there if we had questions. The only time we got a little anxious with Rapid Visa was after the first round of paper work was submitted we wanted to have everything ready for step 2 so we didn’t need to waist time searching for the rest. After explaining to them our anxiety they told us what we needed. I want to thank Rapid Visa for there patience and understanding through that. To make a long story shorter If we would have went to Rapid Visa first we would have been together 2 months earlier. The fees they charge are minimal for the service they provide. Although Rapid Visa warns you that it may take much longer and I have heard horror story of up to 3 years from persons not using Rapid Visa they had us together in only 8 months. Rapid Visa has paid me nothing for this testimonial and we HIGHLY recommend their service.

Thank you RV

Bryan, Monica and our boys

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