Anthony and Sheril

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comattention: Juliet, Johben, Dan, Dominic(for K1 assistance) Tina & Jasmin(for AOS)

We really want to thank the RapidVisa staff for helping us with K1 visa and now our AOS. I can say that your team really have done a great job professionally and really knew what you were doing. All staff members have the patience to answer each and every single question and If you go to their office they will really assist you with everything you need with their kindness. I highly recommend everybody to let them mail everything for you because they review your paper works to make sure that all were done perfectly then they will handle the mailing to the US Department of Homeland Security. Sept. 6 RapidVisa mailed the petition to USCIS, petition was approved by October 1 and we got our NVC case number by November 8. My wife got interviewed January 29 and got her Visa after 4days later. Finally February 8, she got here and we got married March 8 it has made us the happiest couple ever.

Thank you rapidvisa. We really appreciate your help. We highly recommend you.

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