Allan and Liza Marie

25 Aug 2014

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comI like to let people know that Rapid Visa is the best. When i was looking to bring my woman from the Philippine to America i didn’t want to make any mistakes being the first time doing something like this. Then i saw the add for Rapid Visa and started looking at the blogs and testimonials and said right i don’t believe this sound to easy. So when all else failed i thought $300 dollars was not much to loose to maybe get help. So i called and spoke to Ben and i thought maybe this guy knows what he’s talking about and is honest and paid for the service and wow, it was so easy and if anything i didn’t understand, they were really there for me and helped me understand what to do. It was about 5 months Nov. 4th 2011 i filed and got a response Nov 8th they got it and would start the process. By April 2012 i was approved and it was then was forward over to Manila for approval for my girlfriend which didn’t take long by May 4th she had her appointment for her interview and medical appointments on June17th 2012. She was approved then and had her visa sent to her in 2 weeks after going back to Cebu and was packed and ready to come here in the USA. I want to thank Ben and Keith and especially Jenn she was great making my woman feel special there and being like a friend to her, helping her and looking over all the paper work and helping her with the forms she needed to fill out for the interview.

Thanks Jenn your great.

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