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21 Nov 2016

England-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comMy fiance and I decided that it would be great,for him to move to the US. He lives in the United Kingdom… We decided to work on his visa and getting him here! But, we didn’t know where to start! So, I did my research and I came across Rapidvisa. So, I started my research on Rapidvisa, used YouTube….. for further explanation, on the process and continued my research. Then, I told my fiance about Rapidvisa and he was pretty apprehensive! He had never heard of Rapidvisa, so, he didn’t know what to make of it! But, I feel relatively confident!

I started the process with Rapidvisa, in June of 2016 and my fiance got his Visa November 15, 2016. So he’ll be moving to the United States, very soon. I would love to thank Rapidvisa for everything!!!!! Thank them for always taking our phone calls, being available 24 hours a day and giving us, the best guidance possible. Thank them, for just being a great service!!!! I highly recommend rapidvisa, for anyone trying to get, to any country. It’s apparent that they’re professionals, they do this every day….Rapidvisa takes stress out of the process. It was very important to me, to get it right, the very first time… That’s why, I used Rapid Visa. Many people that do it on their own, without the appropriate documents/ organized paperwork….they have to send more and more, to Homeland Security. Organization is imperative, when it comes to this type of process and it helps the official reviewing your paperwork at Homeland Security/basically speeding up the process! My recommendation for anyone in this situation, is to use Rapid Visa… Get it right, the very first time! Thank you greatly Rapidvisa☺☺☺

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