Adaira and Johan

I am beyond pleased to say that Rapid Visa did a wonderful job in helping my husband and I with our CR1 spousal visa. They were always there when I needed them! The process did take longer than I expected it to be but was definitely worth the wait! From the day the government received our documents (November 30, 2016) till the day they approved my husband’s visa (March 20, 2018) were the best moments ever! I was able to travel to the Dominican Republic to be part of this special day! I am very happy to say that my husband will be here in Florida next week and I am so blessed to know that my other half will finally be here with me! This was such a long rollercoaster but I am here to tell each and every one of you’s that are going through the same process that this is the best way in bringing your loved ones! Thank you Rapid Visa, from the bottom of our hearts!

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