Ken and Leslie

27 May 2016

Philippines-Flag-64-RapidVisa.comDear rapid visa it is now 11 o’clock 24 May and we just received our confirmation that our visa is approved because we just finished up at the US Embassy I know that the interview was so smooth because of all of your hard work You paved the way for such a smooth transition And the approval was almost automatic at the embassy and I told my wife it is because rapid visa did such a good job for us I know God used you to make our life so much better and for that I am so grateful for all your help

Thank you thank you thank you 1 million times over Leslie and I thank you for helping us get our Visa we know that it was a lot of work and we also know that without you we could not have accomplished this monumental job I wish I could say the process was easy it was not it was very hard but I am so glad today that we went through the hard work of getting this visa When I look back on this journey of the visa I have such fond memories of rapid visa your professionalism was beyond description every time I had a question you always gave a very rapid response your help was perfect in every way There were times I did not like what you told me because it was so hard but today the hard work paid off and we now are bringing my wife to United States

I am almost positive that you do not get the kind of appreciation that you deserve for your hard hard work and so for all of the people who have not told you thank you I stand in the gap for them and tell you for each and everyone thank you thank you thank you for helping us achieve our dream of bringing our mate to the United States I wish you all the success in the future and I will be telling everyone I know of your great service for it is the best service I have ever received in my long history of business.


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