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White House to Potentially Expand Travel Ban

When a visitor enters the US as a nonimmigrant, and does not exit the US before the terms of the visa allow, this is referred to as an “overstay”. Overall, the rate of overstays is low. In fact, in 2018, only 0.41% of visitors on ESTA overstayed, and only 2% of B1/B2 visitor visa holders […]

Immigrant Visa – What Language Will I Be Interviewed In?

“Will my visa interview be in English? What if my English is not so good?” The US government conducts business in English, of course. But US embassies are staffed with a large number of locals. And to apply for a visa doesn’t require you to know English. Most interviews are held in English by default […]

Can I Travel to Puerto Rico During My 90 Day Fiance Visa?

Puerto Rico is a US territory. Technically you should have no issues traveling there if you came to the States on a K1 visa. Perhaps you plan a honeymoon in Puerto Rico or perform some other traveling before adjusting your status. This should not pose an issue as you don’t cross through customs in most […]

Can I Go From K1 to Citizenship? Why Renew Green Card?

“After a K1, why should someone apply for a 10 year green card instead of naturalization?” Before you can apply for a naturalization, you have to be a legal resident first for 3 years if you obtained your green card through marriage. After entering on your K1, then marrying your fiance, you’ll adjust status and […]

I Already Filed My I-129f – Can RapidVisa Still Help Me?

“I’ve already filed my initial I-129f. Can I still use your services to help me with the visa process going forward?” Yes. The initial I-129f is only the USCIS phase. You’ll also have the NVC and Embassy phases, later on in the process. RapidVisa can help – just call us at 800-872-1458 to make sure […]

Can an Intending Immigrant Sponsor Himself/Herself?

For a family-based immigrant visa, you cannot sponsor yourself. The petitioner must file Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, on your behalf. In certain situations you may be able to include your income and/or assets with the petitioner’s household income/assets. The income must continue from the same source after obtaining lawful permanent resident status in the […]

Can I Apply for Advance Parole If I Already Received My EAD?

“Can I apply for advance parole after I have received my EAD (Employment Authorization Document) and social security card? I didn’t include that when I applied for my pending adjustment of status, I later realized that I might want to travel but that may happen before my green card has been issued. Are there any […]

Will My Non-US College Degree Work For Employment In the US?

“If the foreign spouse finally receives their green card, does his/her educational background transfer to work for companies in the US?” In most cases, that has nothing to do with the government, but comes down to the company you’re working for. Generally speaking, if you’ve got a degree from a foreign university, like the University […]

I Married & Overstayed My Visa! Can I Still Get a Green Card?

“I am married to a US citizen, but I overstayed my visa. Can I still get a green card?” As long as you can show proof that you have legally entered the United States and just overstayed your visa and then married a US citizen, and assuming too that you have met all of the […]

What Are My Spouse’s Chances of Getting a Tourist Visa?

Is it true that there’s a big chance of denial, for a foreign spouse who applies for a tourist visa? There are many factors that can affect your chances for tourist visa approval. We’ve built a handy free tool to help you calculate your approval odds. Please see our Tourist Visa Odds Calculator. Factors that […]

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