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What Are My Chances of Getting An RFE On My K1 Visa? (New Tool!)

We have launched a free tool which allows K1 fiance visa applicants to gauge their possible risk level of receiving an RFE, or request for evidence. RFEs are more common than ever, so knowing your risk level might help give you ideas on building up your bona fides before applying. You can go to and […]

Trump Executive Order to Enforce Legal Responsibilities of Sponsors & Co-Sponsors

The White House recently issued a memorandum on the enforcement of legal responsibilities of immigrant sponsors & joint sponsors. The memo directs relevant federal agencies to update procedures, guidance, and regulations to comply with current law and ensure that ineligible immigrants do not receive federal means-tested benefits. So, what this means is, when you sponsor an […]

What Is the Philippines CFO Seminar?

“What is the CFO Seminar (Philippines) and why is it required?” The CFO (Commission on Filipinos Overseas) Seminar is a Philippine government requirement for Filipinos leaving the country. It’s partially for their internal counting of people expatriating, but also it gives a crash-course on a few things Filipinos should know when emigrating out of the […]

K1 Visa If We Only Met Once?

“Is it possible to get approved for a K1 visa after just one visit?” Yes. And it’s quite common. In this day in age with our global community, many K1 applicants met using online dating sites. In these cases, often times they carry on a relationship for a long period of time before meeting physically. […]

Don’t Send Incomplete Petitions to RapidVisa’s Assembly Team!

Do I have to send my complete petition all at once to RapidVisa? Yes. If you’re using our service, we’re going to have a phone call with you, which we call the Premail Checklist. During this call, we will go through the documents and supporting evidence verbally with you to make sure you’re sending the right […]

Does My Past Drug Abuse & Rehab History Affect K1 & CR1 Visas?

Visa Applicants If an applicant has drug problems, it could be an issue during the medical exam. One of the things the medical exam is looking for is evidence of drug abuse or addiction. If the drug abuse was in the distant past and there is no recent issue with it, you are more likely […]

Self-Employed Income & Sponsoring an Alien

“I have my own business but deducted a lot last year, due to the new addition to my business, so it looks like I didn’t make enough money. But I’ve got bank statements this year, and I’ve made enough money. Will it be okay to be a co-sponsor?” As a self-employed individual or person who […]

Sponsoring Alien Parents to Immigrate to the USA

“I just passed my citizenship interview. What are some documents I need to prepare for my parents and how do I petition to bring them to the USA?” To petition for your alien parents, you must be 21 years old, and a US citizen, which you now are. If you are using RapidVisa, you simply […]

Does a Divorce Complicate My Pending I-751 Removal of Conditions?

“My relationship is going south with my spouse. Can I get a divorce without affecting my status (I-751 pending)?” If you’ve already filed the removal of conditions, it’s not likely to affect anything. It would be rare that you would get an interview for that. If you did, of course, you’d have to be honest […]

Can I Travel Outside the USA While On a K1 Visa?

Can somebody travel outside the US for a short trip if they are on a K1 visa? Unfortunately the K1 is a single-entry visa. This means once you enter through a port of entry, it is essentially useless. It does not allow you to leave the country and re-enter. It’s best to avoid leaving the […]

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