Should I Visit RapidVisa Manila Prior to My Interview?

26 Jul 2019

RapidVisa helps thousands of families every year who never step foot into an office. The vast majority of our clients do everything online. Their only interactions with RapidVisa are online and via the mail. However, we do have an office located conveniently directly across the street from the US embassy in Manila on Roxas Boulevard, which happens to be the most popular country for K1 fiance visas.

Metro Manila Map - Fiance & Spousal Visas

You don’t need to visit, but are more than welcome to! Due to long wait times due to heavy daily traffic, it’s highly recommend that you make an appointment, which you can set by contacting our office in Manila. If you fail to make an appointment, expect to wait for up to an hour or more during very busy times to see an agent.

The 2 Main Reasons People Visit Our Manila Office:

1. Peace of Mind Before Embassy Interview

As a complimentary service to existing RapidVisa customers, you can have an experienced agent go through your documents and give you pointers on the embassy interview. They’ll talk you through the whole process, and make sure your accompanying evidence is good to go. Forget to print something? No sweat. We can take care of that for you. Again – please make an appointment as soon as possible, at least 24-48 hours before your desired time.

2. Celebrate With Our Staff

Often times, our clients are excited to get their approval, and want to swing by to say thanks and take the infamous “thumbs-up” photo in front of the RapidVisa sign. You’ve crossed the finish line, your visa is approved. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate? We would love to get your picture and share it with our online social community. To see all these photos, or to connect with others going through this, see our Facebook Page, which has nearly 20,000 followers.

Here are just a few such success photos from Manila:

To see all our photos, go here.

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