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There are different options you could take when applying for a visa, green card, or naturalization. Let's compare three common options:

Hiring a Lawyer

If you don't have legal issues, you will likely pay between $2,000 and $6,000 in lawyer fees to get assistance with a simple, straightforward case. Count on exponentially higher fees when legal issues are involved. Most lawyers do not have any integrated technology, so they will likely be using old-fashioned means to get your forms filled out. Additionally, no lawyer we know of has easy phone, chat and support mail access 7 days a week like RapidVisa. Also, if you are hiring a standard law firm down the street, the chances he or she has a lot of experience in these cases is lower than you may think. Most law offices handle all kinds of cases having nothing to do with immigration. RapidVisa does nothing but this, has full support, has helped tens of thousands of clients, and does it all for a flat rate. The sad truth is, for simple cases with no legal issues, a lawyer really doesn't add any value.

If your case requires legal representation or you have legal issues, we do recommend hiring a lawyer. But for filing a simple immigration petition, RapidVisa is an easy decision. Many lawyers even hire us to do the paperwork then charge their clients on top of that fee.

Doing it Yourself

Doing it yourself is certainly possible, especially if you are savvy and have a lot of time at your disposal. You may spend tens of hours learning all the ins and outs to do this process one time, but this is worth it to some people. It's much like asking someone why they would pay $30 to change their oil when they could do it themselves. If you are comfortable doing it yourself, there are plenty of resources out there, including all over our very website to research the process. We also put out a vast amount of free, high-quality content in both English & Spanish, including our video resources. RapidVisa LIVE! is our monthly live stream where we answer your questions live, and publish 3 helpful videos a week.

It's really just a matter of what your time is worth, and peace of mind. We welcome do-it-yourselfers to take advantage of our resources. We do caution people to be careful when taking advice from well-meaning self-help forums and Facebook groups. While the members mean well, immigration changes constantly, and what was true for their case may not be true anymore. It's hard to take advice from someone who claims to be an expert but has done this one single time. RapidVisa has done this over 60,000 times.

Hiring RapidVisa

When you hire RapidVisa, you get the industry leader in family immigration, our 10+ years of experience, our 50+ employees, and join the team of over 60,000 families whose lives we've had a hand in changing. You pay a single flat fee, even if you call us 50 times and require over a year of support. You get cutting-edge technology to streamline the process and ease the pain of this stressful process. There are many reasons to hire RapidVisa. Here are a few:

More Trust Factors:

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