Travel Permit

A Travel Permit or travel document is otherwise known as advance parole. Travel permits are documents for re-entering the U.S. when foreign nationals are waiting for their green cards after applying for Adjustment of Status in the U.S. Upon receiving the I-485 receipt notice, the applicant has pending of I-485. Unless one holds another valid multiple-entry visa to re-enter the US, like a student visa (F1 or M1) or a work visa (H1B or L1), one must get the travel permit before leaving the country. Otherwise, an individual is likely to be denied re-entry and any green card application will be considered abandoned.

If an individual has overstayed their visa when applying for adjustment of status or they have violated their visa status, travel permits cannot guarantee re-entry.

Where to file a travel permit application?

Advance parole should be filed with USCIS using Form I-131 and supporting documents.

Application fee is waived when filling with I-485 or when the I-485 is still pending.

When you hire RapidVisa to file your adjustment of status, the travel permit is included.


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