Third Party Affidavit

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A Third Party Affidavit is a written statement from a third-party (someone other than an applicant or sponsor) that describes your relationship to his or her knowledge.  It's a common piece of evidence to prove a bona fide marriage when a couple recently got married and does not have a lot of other examples of commingling their lives quite yet.

Who can write a third party affidavit?

Anyone who has personal knowledge of your relationship can write it. The person does not have to be U.S. citizen or green card holder.  There is also no limitation on where the person is when writing the statement. The important thing is the third party sworn affidavits must be notarized in the place where they are executed.  If they were executed abroad, then they could not be notarized here in the United States.

What are the requirements for the third party affidavit?

Any third party can write a third party affidavit. They must include their full name, date of birth and address and their relationship to the petitioner or beneficiary. It also needs to include details about their personal knowledge of the bona fide relationship.

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