Premium Review (a RapidVisa Term)

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Premium Review is an optional service we offer. With our standard service, RapidVisa reviews your forms online, then sends you your completed application and detailed instructions on how to prepare the supporting documents. You will need to assemble and prepare all the documents and mail them to the government yourself.

However, with our Premium Review service, our experts will review your application and documents multiple times to ensure they're accurate and formatted the way the government prefers.

Premium Review Service includes:

  • A professional review of your case a second and third time
  • Verification that all forms are signed correctly
  • Verifification that you have included all necessary supporting documents
  • Assembly of all the documents professionally
  • Arrangement of documents in proper order
  • Enclosing passport photos in plastic bag (we provide the bags)
  • Punching holes in documents and mounting them in a folder (we provide the folder)
  • A certified document preparer RapidVisa employee signs your petition as preparer of record

For a more detailed description of what the Assembly Department does with each petition, go here.