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The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is a Philippine government authority which was formed by merging the National Statistics Office (NSO), the National Statistical Coordination Board, the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, and the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics. It is the authority that is responsible for primary data collection and civil registration enforcement in the Philippines. The PSA is the central repository for all civil records.

The U.S. Department of State requires civil documents from the Philippines to be issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)(deprecated).

How to obtain civil documents from the PSA?

When requesting a civil registry document for U.S. immigration purposes, such as a birth certificate, a marriage certificate or a death certificate, depending on if the person requesting the document is in the Philippines or abroad, there are several ways to apply for civil documents at the PSA.

In-Person Application

Applications made in person by the individual or authorized representative with valid government issued I.D.s, with affixed signature and photo will be received at different Census Serbilis Centers. Documents applied at the East Avenue Census Serbilis Outlet will be released at the same outlet on the date specified on the receipt.

Online Application

PSA SERBILIS is the online application portal for requesting civil documents within or outside of the Philippines. Certain information must be provided to facilitate verification and issuance of certifications.

Helpline Call Center

You can call the PSA Helpline call center at (02)737-1111 assist with civil documents applications. Additional charges may apply for this method.

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