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A USCIS Field Office is part of USCIS operation that handle a variety of functions for certain service area.  Field offices handle scheduled interviews on non-asylum related application and biometric appointments. They also provide limited information and applicant services that supplement those USCIS provide through their online and phone service.

To locate a USCIS field office near you, visit USCIS Office Locator.

International Field Office

Compare to the field offices within the U.S., international field offices provide more services to U.S. citizens, U.S. lawful permanent residents who are visiting or residing outside the U.S. who need assistance in the immigration matters.

What is the difference between a USCIS field office and a service center?

For most petitions or applications, a USCIS service center is where the petition sent to that conduct the initial review. A field office handle more in person process like biometric appointment and interview when applicable.

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