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A Criminal Record requested for U.S. immigrant visa is a record of a person's criminal history that include all the police and court records of all criminal charges, arrests, or convictions. USCIS and DHS records the criminal record submitted disclose all the arrest, convictions and charges regardless of final disposition, even if it was happened when you were a minor or the case is sealed or removed.

Criminal record include:

  • Arrest report
  • Official statement from arresting or detaining agency or prosecutor's office that indicates the final outcome or your arrest or detention
  • Court order that state the final disposition
  • Indictment, information or other formal charging document
  • Formal disposition of each charge (for instance, dismissal order, deferred adjudication order or probation order)
  • Plea agreement
  • Probation or parole record showing that you completed the sentence or rehabilitative program
  • Court order stating the case is sealed or removed from your record

* For traffic fines and incidents, unless its result in criminal charges involved DUI or injury to a person or property, you do not need to submit those record when the penalty was only a fine that less than $500 or points on your driver's license.

Depends on your situation, you may choose to what to apply to you to submit. If the main record are not available, you must provide an explanation letter stating why or provide any secondary evidence that indicates the disposition of your case.

More information on obtaining  country-specific criminal record can be found on DHS's website.

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