Combo Card

What is a Combo Card?

A Combo Card is the combination of an Employment Authorization Document(EAD) and Advance Parole permission (AP). It looks similar to an EAD card itself but includes extra text that reads, “Serves as I-512 Advance Parole”. The combo card will only be granted when you apply for I-131 and I-765 at the same time. If you file them separately or you only applied for one, you will most likely get a EAD card and/or AP paperwork.

USCIS issues this combo card to people who have a pending adjustment of status petition so the applicant is able to work legally in the U.S. and travel overseas without abandoning the in-progress green card application.

How long is combo card valid?

USCIS issues combo cards for a period of one or two years. This depends on the average processing time of your petition. Normally, the validity period should be enough to cover the application pending time. And if your case is taking longer, you can apply to renew your combo card.


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