CFO Seminar (Commission on Filipinos Overseas)

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Philippine laws require departing emigrants, traveling abroad as fiancés, spouses or partners of foreign nationals or former Filipinos to attend either the Pre-departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) or the Peer Counseling Program (PCP) for emigrants 13 to 19 years old. After this, one receives a CFO registration sticker. They are required to present this certificate in order to leave the Philippines at the airport.

This seminar is a pre-departure orientation that is required by the Philippines government. The Philippines is a country where exits are controlled. Bureau of Immigration officers at the NAIA international port of exit will request for the CFO registration sticker.

The six hour session can be taken:
* Manila (appointments only)
* Cebu (first come, first serve basis)
* Clark, Pampanga (first come, first serve basis)
* Davao (appointments only)

One can register here: There is a confirmation page that can be printed out which has a barcode.The Philippine citizen intending to exit will receive a Guidance and Counseling certificate. Once for example their K1 or immigrant visa package has been received, they will need to travel back to CFO to have the special sticker stuck into one of the pages in their Philippine passport.


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