Border Crossing Card (BCC)

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A Border Crossing Card (BCC) is a card that allows holders to move easily through border immigration controls at the the Mexican-U.S. border. It can be used as a B1/B2 (business/tourist) visa. The Border Crossing Card is valid for a time period of 10 years. It is also known as the “laser visa”.

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Border Crossing Card (BCC)

A border crossing card allows for an unlimited number of entries to the United States for a ten year period. Stays are limited to 30 days and travel is restricted to certain areas. To qualify for a BCC a person must be both a Mexican citizen and a Mexican resident. You must also have significant ties to Mexico and financial resources to pay for the travel.

A BCC allows for travel up to 25 miles past the border into California and Texas. In New Mexico, a BCC allows for travel up to 55 miles. Arizona allows travel 75 miles in using a BCC. To travel further, form I-94 must be requested at the port of entry.

How to Obtain a Border Crossing Card?

To obtain a BCC, a person must request the card from the US consulate and the process is the same as requesting a B1/B2 visitor visa.