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When applying for immigration benefits based on marriage, you are required to prove that your marriage is "Bona Fide", meaning your intent is genuine and you and your spouse entered into the marriage in good faith and not simply to obtain an immigration benefit.

How do you prove a bona fide relationship?

When it comes to marriage, evidence like chat history and pictures are not enough to persuade the USCIS your relationship is real. At this point, you need to establish that there is an ongoing marital union. Documents that are best used to prove a bona fide marriage include:

Documentation showing you both live at the same address together:

  • A lease showing joint tenancy of a common residence
  • A bill (electric, gas, internet, water, etc) showing both of your names
  • Drivers license with same address
  • Documents showing joint ownership of property

Joint assets:

  • Joint bank account
  • Documentation showing combined financial resources (stocks, bond, etc)
  • Documentation showing
  • Proof of joint insurance policies that shows one party was listed as a beneficiary on the insured spouse's policy

Shared financial obligations:

  • Jointly filed income taxes
  • Joint credit card bill
  • Joint house or other mortgages
  • Joint insurance (Auto, health, etc)


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