RapidVisa Partners with Leading Passport & Travel Visa Expeditor

Get your passport fastIn an effort to keep offering our customers products and services that will help them, we’ve partnered with a leading travel visa and US passport expeditor. Whether you need your passport in 2 weeks, or 2 days, we can now help. And if you need to travel overseas to visit your loved one(s), and they live in a country that requires a visa, like China, Brazil or Russia, we can help.


With offices in several cities and close to embassies in Washington D.C., our expeditors have a reserved ‘slot’ for daily processing. An agent will walk into the embassy or passport office on your behalf, and manually acquire them in much shorter timelines than if you were to use the post office.


Time comparison
This is way faster than the old way.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest other immigration related products or services for RapidVisa to offer, please comment in the blog post below. We love to know what our customers need, so we can better serve them.


Go here for a passport.

Go here for a travel visa.

Disclaimer: The information herein is not intended as legal advice and is provided for general information only.Questions involving interpretation of specific U.S. laws should be addressed to an attorney and/or government officials.

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