Proving 3 (or 5) Years of “Physical Presence” for Naturalization/Citizenship

11 Oct 2018

When applying for US citizenship, you have to show evidence of physical presence in the US for 5 years (for most green card holders) or 3 years (for marriage-based green card holders). This evidence should verify from various sources that you have not been out of the country for extended period(s) of time, and have maintained a continuous physical presence in the US. The following are some of the, but not all of the types of evidence that may be used:

  • Employment records (W2s)
  • School attendance reports/transcripts
  • US bank statements
  • US tax returns with US residence on them
  • Proof of US auto insurance
  • Proof of medical insurance in US
  • House or rent payments for US residence
  • US driver’s license
  • US credit cards
  • Photographs taken while in US
  • Membership in US organizations


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