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Assembling your K1 Visa package can seem like a daunting task. The petitions folks send in range from beautifully prepared packages that could win an award for organization to those that toss a mixed up mess in an envelope and chunk it in the mail.

There are no official rules or requirements on how to assemble your petition. However, to speed your case along you will want to make sure you fiance visa petition is well organized. If the person reviewing your petition can't find a piece of evidence because of your poor organization you could face delays in the form of an RFE (Request for Evidence).

The best practice is to do the following:

  1. Put all photos in individually labeled small sandwich bags.
  2. Order the documents so that the I-129F is on top G-325A's next followed by supporting documents.
  3. Create a cover letter that includes a table of contents and place on top of the I-129F.
  4. Punch two holes 2 inches apart in the top of all documents and mount them in a folder with the prong-type metal fasteners.

That's it. You can get much more elaborate by using tabs and dividers, but the USCIS will disassemble your package anyway and put it in their own binder. The key is to make it very easy for the person reviewing your file to find all required information as quickly as possible so that your file can quickly move along to the next step.

Make progress today

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