My girlfriend is older than me, and we want to marry but I'm curious about the big age gap. Will this be a problem for our visa?

In most cases in our experience, the age gap has not been a issue. The majority of our customers do have an age gap. In cases where the US citizen petitioner is an older male petitioning for someone younger in Asia or Latin America, age gaps of 20 years are common and not a problem for denial.

We have seen quite a few cases where there is more scrutiny on age gaps when the US citizen petitioner is an older female. This becomes an issue particularly if the younger male alien is from Africa or the Middle East. The reason given by consular officers in the past is that this type of relationship is uncommon in their culture and therefore suspect. In this case, you want to build the biggest case possible. You should shore up the case in other areas so the age gap becomes less of a focus. It might mean establishing your relationship over more time, taking more trips to visit each other, and co-mingling your lives in a way that demonstrates your relationship is bona fide.

There is no official rule on how much of an age difference is too much for a fiance visa, nor is there a real rule of thumb when not taken into context with the rest of the case. We have built a tool to help determine your potential fiance visa approval odds, which takes into account your age and other factors.

The last step is going to be the interview, and you'll really want to have a good interview. When they ask questions about your partner, you should know all the answers quickly, at the tip of your tongue. Here's a list of just some of the questions you should know about your fiance.

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