Is a Joint Sponsor for an Immigrant Visa Required to Be Blood Related?

Raffa Erica Tibay, Is the co-sponsor need to be blood related? The answer is no. Co-sponsor can be anybody, friend, a relative. They have to be a US Citizen or lawful permanent resident. In other words, they got to be a green card holder and residing in the United States and they have to be 18 or older. That is the only, those are the only requirements. If a family member … It usually does end up being a family member. Right? Because it’s a pretty serious obligation and so it may well be that a family member’s the only person you could convince to do this for you and so that’s why it usually, predominately a family member, but it doesn’t need to be. They just somebody who has adequate income and is willing to make this commitment, which is a rather serious commitment and that’s it.

Now if they do happen to be a mother, father, brother, sister and they live in the house with the primary sponsor, then they can … You can get a little bit of a benefit there, because they can combine their income with the sponsor’s. So say the sponsor lives with his mother. The sponsor and the mother live in the same household and the mother is willing to be a joint sponsor, well then they would call it a household sponsor and you can actually combine mom’s income with your income together to meet the requirements. So you get a little bit of an edge if they’re an immediate family member and they have to live in your same household, you get a little bit of a benefit from that. But beyond that narrow exception, then anybody, anybody willing to sign the affidavits for you, is fair game.


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