I am from Ghana, and I just received an email from the National Visa Center saying that I'm in queue for the interview. How long would it take from now to get the interview date?

Back a year or two ago, this used to take four to six weeks. Unfortunately, they are scrutinizing petitions more so now than they have in the past. The National Visa Center is also backlogged with cases, so you're probably looking at about four to eight weeks right now, maybe even a little bit longer. But, for spousal visa, the National Visa Center does reach out and they'll schedule the interview for you.

On a fiance visa it's a little different. They just issue you a case number and then send it on and then you have to schedule the interview. But it looks like you're probably applying for a spousal visa, if that's the case you're looking at about four to eight weeks, maybe a little bit longer. Just make sure that you follow all the instructions on the NVC letter, you should receive an invoice to pay the fees online. You'll have a list of supporting documents and evidence that you'll need to provide such as the affidavit of support and other civil documents. If you do not provide all those in a timely manner that's going to hold up the process.

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