I Came On a Spousal Visa & Divorced – Can I Sponsor a New Spouse?

20 Feb 2019

I’m a US citizen who came to the US on a spousal visa myself. I then divorced my sponsor spouse. Can I now petition for a new spouse myself?

No explicit rule or guideline prohibits you from petitioning for a new spouse in this scenario. Bearing that in mind, please know that the case will likely be scrutinized more closely to prevent the possibility of immigration fraud occurring. The adjudicating officer’s first thought will likely suspect this case to be a fraudulent immigration bypassing workaround. The burden will be on you to prove the legitimacy of your relationship. Assuming everything is honest, and it’s proved that your first marriage was in good faith that simply didn’t work out, you should be approved.

If your goal is to try to pull one over on the US government by doing a premeditated “switcheroo”, you are likely to be discovered and indicted on immigration fraud. If there’s any hint of such activity, do not use RapidVisa’s services. We will not be complicit in your fraud.

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