"What’s the process for getting my Indian fiancee to the United States?"

If you intend to bring your Indian fiance to the US to marry her, that would be the K1 fiance visa. To qualify, the petitioner must be a U.S. citizen, and you both must be legally free to marry - That means previous marriages, if any, have been terminated by death, divorce or annulment. And lastly, you must have physically met in person at least once within the past 2 years.

Fiance visas are one of RapidVisa’s specialties, and we have a very high success rate. And as of today, we’ve actually helped hundreds of customers from India successfully. At this moment, India is actually #9 on our top 10 countries in terms of volume of RapidVisa customers.

To get started, you go to our website and create a free account. You then answer the questions on our online questionnaire and when you’re ready to file you pay and we go to work generating the documents, forms and letters needed to sign and send in.

Included with your packet will be a detailed checklist of everything you need to include in your petition.

As of 2018, the process is taking on average between 6 to 9 months. Of course timelines are not guaranteed, but this is an average.

After the initial phase of the USCIS filing, you’ll have two more phases. The NVC or National Visa Center phase, and the Embassy phase. At this phase, your fiance will attend an interview in Mumbai, where a consular officer will ask her some questions and make sure your relationship is genuine before approving her visa. Prior to December 2017, you could also interview in New Delhi, but since then, Mumbai is the only option for these. She will also need a medical exam, which range between 3,500 TO 5,000 RUPEES for the designated clinics in India.

Once she has the visa and comes to the U.S., you will need to get married within 90 days of her entering the country.

The next phase of this process would be the adjustment of status to obtain permanent residence, or the green card. RapidVisa can help you with that process too! In fact, we recommend bundling the visa and green card. Just select that option at checkout.

Also, to see some of our testimonials from couples we’ve helped from India, you can simply go to rapidvisa.com/india/

Testimonials from some of our customers from India:

Wow ! Totally impressed ! Anytime I had a question of any kind I was handled in a very professional manner. I can tell I was dealing with a company that has been down this road before. They knew the latest trends in the process and how to best handle it ! I was highly recommended to this company and will definitely pass it along ! I mailed all my initial packet in August and 4 months later she was approved at the American Embassy in the Philippines !

This is a life changing process where you need professional help and advise at your side the entire process ! Thank you so much Rapid Visa for all your friendly help ; Eddie 🙂

~ Eddie and Mary

Eddie and MaryPhilippines / United States of America

Thank you Rapid Visa for all your help and support. We were lost without you, thanks to google search we found you. You were there when we needed you. You told us everything we needed to know with a rapid response. You followed up on our case when it was pending and comforted us by giving us hope not because you had to but because you cared. Few more forms to fill and your still with us till the end.

~ Mike and April

Mike and AprilPhilippines / United States of America

Hello team, just wanted so say that you guys can now add Susan and myself to your success stories ! We had our interview yesterday and at the conclusion the interviewer clearly stated we're going to get our Visas for Susan and her son !! We did a lot of the legwork but without a doubt your advice and help definitely sped things up and kept us on the right track. Ultimately the interviewer asked her how we met, the names of my children and ages, and my ex wife's name. Seemed the most conclusive thing that helped was the many visits I made. But without your help we wouldn't have made it this quickly.

~ Arnold Diener

Arnold and SusanKenya / United States of America

我们衷心地感谢Rapid Visa以及Rapid Visa的全体工作人员,感谢他们的认真和细心,帮助我们顺利拿到K1签证。2013年9月,我们开始填写申请表格,2014年3月,Rapid Visa帮我们检查整理,4月我们的申请就已经在美国政府审核了。在他们的帮助下,现在我们幸福的在一起,并举行了婚礼。结婚后,我们仍然选择Rapid Visa协助我们申请身份调整,2014年10月,我们成功拿到了绿卡。由衷地感谢Rapid Visa,每位工作人员都很友好热心,都帮了很大的忙。 我们将向我们所有正在申请或准备申请签证的亲戚朋友推荐Rapid Visa。Rapid Visa的服务真的是棒棒哒!他们会给我们及时且详细地解释所有需要提供的文件,会认真准确地帮我们检查整理所有的文件资料,让我们轻轻松松拿到签证。而他们的

~ Richard 和 Aireen

Richard 和 AireenTaiwan / United States of America

First, let me say I was neither paid or solicited by RapidVisa for these comments. RapidVisa gave me the best service I have ever had! If only I could get such excellent service from my electric or internet providers. RapidVisa was all over it, from the first step, to the day she got off the plane in the USA. Spot on advise, that allowed me to fill out all the forms and relax knowing exactly which boxes and lines I could leave blank and which ones were required. These guys answer the phone 24/7! Unbelievable, my mother won't even do that, and the phone never rang more than 5 times before they picked up! They also have 24 hour online chat, so you always know what to do and what the status is. From the time I sent my petition in until, my Filipina bride landed in the US was only 4 months. In Manila my fiancé went by their office and they helped her obtain and organized her documents and coached her thru every step of the process. With RapidVisa I never had to worry if something was left undone or missing in the process. I cannot express how pleased I was with their service, they are the BEST! I don't know if anyone will ever read this, but I just had to write it, in case someone out there is about to go thru the K-1 Visa process, I cannot express how pleased I am with their service… They are the BEST! So forget the "journey" RapidVisa makes it easy. Gary Ramsey Checotah Oklahoma, USA

~ Gary and Daisy

Gary and DaisyPhilippines / United States of America
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