"What’s the process for getting my Indian fiancee to the United States?"

If you intend to bring your Indian fiance to the US to marry her, that would be the K1 fiance visa. To qualify, the petitioner must be a U.S. citizen, and you both must be legally free to marry - That means previous marriages, if any, have been terminated by death, divorce or annulment. And lastly, you must have physically met in person at least once within the past 2 years.

Fiance visas are one of RapidVisa’s specialties, and we have a very high success rate. And as of today, we’ve actually helped hundreds of customers from India successfully. At this moment, India is actually #9 on our top 10 countries in terms of volume of RapidVisa customers.

To get started, you go to our website and create a free account. You then answer the questions on our online questionnaire and when you’re ready to file you pay and we go to work generating the documents, forms and letters needed to sign and send in.

Included with your packet will be a detailed checklist of everything you need to include in your petition.

As of 2018, the process is taking on average between 6 to 9 months. Of course timelines are not guaranteed, but this is an average.

After the initial phase of the USCIS filing, you’ll have two more phases. The NVC or National Visa Center phase, and the Embassy phase. At this phase, your fiance will attend an interview in Mumbai, where a consular officer will ask her some questions and make sure your relationship is genuine before approving her visa. Prior to December 2017, you could also interview in New Delhi, but since then, Mumbai is the only option for these. She will also need a medical exam, which range between 3,500 TO 5,000 RUPEES for the designated clinics in India.

Once she has the visa and comes to the U.S., you will need to get married within 90 days of her entering the country.

The next phase of this process would be the adjustment of status to obtain permanent residence, or the green card. RapidVisa can help you with that process too! In fact, we recommend bundling the visa and green card. Just select that option at checkout.

Also, to see some of our testimonials from couples we’ve helped from India, you can simply go to rapidvisa.com/india/

Testimonials from some of our customers from India:

Me and my wife used Rapid Visa to get her K1 Visa they answered a lot of questions we had

~ Kevin and Gemabeth

Kevin and GemabethPhilippines / United States of America

We highly recommend RapidVisa for visa processing... This is the best way to go to have accurate information in all your questions and less headache in the procedures or steps and affordable....! Less than two months we got our petition approved and before 6 months my fiancé and her son got their visa and were together last 10/30/2014... Thank you RapidVisa in helping us to make make our visa processing easier..!

~ Michael and Ailyn

Michael and AilynPhilippines / United States of America

WOW, what a long ride it was to get my wonderful wife to the USA, but in the end, we are together and she’s now the head Cake Decorator at our Baskin Robbins – Broad Ripple in Indianapolis, IN. When I started the search to find someone to help me with all the paperwork, I talk to 3 or 4 different companies including Rapid Visa. I was impressed with Rapid Visa because they had an office close to the US Embassy my wife could go to for advice and check all her the paper work from time to time. As it turned out, that was a service she used several times.

Errors are made, sometimes by people in the U.S. Government working on the Visa requirements, so when I was sent a letter of everything my wife was to take to final interview at the Embassy, and it seemed to be missing something, I called Rapid Visa for advice. They agreed, one of the main items she would need was not on the list but would be needed. When my wife went to the interview, one of the 1st items they ask for at the Embassy was the Item that was not on the list. It was nice for my Wife to be able to go to Rapid for advice and be able to have Rapid Visa double check everything prior to her interview. They are a good company and if for no other reason than to make your spouse feel more confident, I felt it was worth what they charged me. I know your Spouse or future Spouse will have more confidence when she goes for her interview if she has been able to use the services of Rapid Visa.

~ Bob and Jane

Bob and JanePhilippines / United States of America

"Hola a todos, Quiero que todos sepan que usar Rapidvisa.com es la mejor decisión que tomarán. ¡Son rápidos, confiables, confiables, amables y con mucha experiencia! Siempre están ahí para ti y no tardas en contactarlo rápidamente. La visa CR-1 de mi esposa tardó 15 meses en completarse, pero eso se debió a los retrasos acumulados por el USCIS y a la forma inadecuada en que publicaron su información. Mi esposa es de Hermosillo, México. La aplicación inicial es la espera más larga y luego pasa rápidamente después de eso. Me puse en contacto con RapidVisa varias veces y obtuve información incorrecta de otras fuentes, pero me ayudaron a recuperar el rumbo rápidamente. Lo único que recomendaría es tal vez una página de información para que las personas compartan su experiencia cuando asistieron a su cita de visa. El mío fue un verdadero dolor de cabeza y tuve mucha información mala de un sitio web. Tengo mucho que compartir y no fuimos los únicos con estos problemas. Pero siempre podía confiar en Visa rápida para brindarme información precisa. Mi esposa y yo estamos muy felices ahora y recomendamos encarecidamente este sitio web."

~ Juan y Brenda

Juan y BrendaMexico / United States of America

"Olga y yo estamos muy complacidos con la ayuda brindada por Rapid Visa en la obtención de la visa K1 para Olga. Yo definitivamente los recomendaría."

~ Richard y Olga

Richard y OlgaColombia / United States of America
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