How Many Questions are on the U.S. Citizenship Civics Test?

17 Jan 2018

This question has been asked by several people, so we’ll wrap it up and say, “How many questions will I have to answer for the U.S. citizenship civics test?”

That’s a great question. You have to get a 60%. They’re going to give you up to 10 questions out of a pool of a possible 100. There are very good resources for studying for the naturalization civics test. Once you’ve answered six correctly, that’s when it stops. They’re going to give you 10 questions. If you get the first six right, you’re done. They’ll stop right there. If you to seven, eight, nine or 10 before you get six right, then you could have 10. Usually, that’s combined with the English test too. This is how they administer the English test – They ask you these questions, and they listen to your answer. That doubles as your English test at the same time.

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