How Long is the CR1 Spousal Visa Taking in 2018?

27 Sep 2018

Prior to our current era of “extreme vetting“, we were seeing times of six to seven months for a CR1 visa, from the time you mailed it so the USCIS until the time that you had the visa in hand. But now, in 2018, our average timelines have increased to an average of 7-10 months. This is not to guarantee that you should expect to take only 7-10 months for your case. In fact, your case may be as quick as 5 months, or take as long as 16 months. Timelines are something that can’t be predicted – they can only be determined by examining the average time people are being approved currently.

No company can control the speed or efficiency of the government. The main thing we can do and what we should focus our efforts on, is getting the paperwork exactly right, being straightforward and honest, and being timely with our submissions. This includes getting your paperwork and evidence reviewed, submitting your petition, responding to RFEs as soon as they may come up, and being timely in the several steps along the way.

The spousal visa process is multi-phased, and has several periods of time that depend on you to act swiftly to avoid delays. Having RapidVisa by your side will give you that extra hand-holding you need to stay on course, and keep your case moving at as quick of a pace as is possible.

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