How Long Does It Take To Process a Parent Visa From India?

30 Dec 2017

“How long does it take to get my parents a green card from India?” This question is referring to what is called an IR-5 parent visa. Right now, those processing times are similar to the spousal visa. You’re probably looking at anywhere from seven to nine months on average. Again, that’s just an estimate. It could possibly take less time. It could probably take a little bit more time. Just to break it down for you, you’re probably looking at anywhere from four to six months at the USCIS, you’re looking at another two months at the National Visa Center, and then you’re looking at probably another four to six weeks at embassy. I believe you said India. I haven’t heard of the embassy being too far backed up. They do process a lot of visas there, just like the Philippines do. Anyway, you’re probably looking at about seven to nine months average.

I would throw in there, once again, we always get a lot of timeline questions. I absolutely understand why. I get why people ask, and it’s a legitimate question. I don’t want to discourage anybody from asking, but I always want to preface that all we can do is give you an estimate, which is going to be backwards looking. We can tell you what people who applied six, seven months ago maybe are getting approved now. We can’t predict the future. I don’t want anybody to say, “Hey, RapidVisa told me you’ll be here in seven months,” because that’s not what we’re saying. What we’re saying is any timeline we give, what we’re saying is historically here’s what we’ve seen. Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future.

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