How Does RapidVisa Have a 99.7% Approval Rating?

28 May 2019

“You guys advertise 99.7% approval rate, is that just the USCIS stage, or is that the percentage for the embassy stage as well?”

99.7% is our approval rate for all petition types (tourist visas not counted as no petition is involved). How is that even possible? We are able to accomplish this by pre-screening all of our applicants. We make sure that they’re a good fit for our service, that they’re eligible for the immigration benefit they’re applying for and that there are no red flags. We look at their affidavit of support, as well as the case as a whole, and we ourselves assemble them in a way the USCIS likes to receive them. Each petition is reviewed 3 separate times, including the physical evidence that’s included.

If we find a case that we do not feel is going to get approved or accepted, we’ll either do one of two things. We’ll ask for more supporting documents, or we’ll simply reject the case and issue a refund.We offer a money-back guarantee if your case is denied. So we don’t want to put dozens of hours of labor and effort into a case that ends up as a refund in the end. So rest assured that when we take on your case, we have a high level of confidence you have a good shot of approval.

To reiterate, 99.7% does include the USCIS stage, and to just let everybody out there know, getting accepted at the USCIS stage is the easiest part. Getting approved through the National Visa Center and then getting approved through the Embassy is actually where the real hard work comes in, and that’s where a lot of our competitors drop the ball. Most companies only process the paperwork for the USCIS, they don’t process the paperwork for the National Visa Center, they don’t process the paperwork for the US Embassy. They don’t provide support through the second and third stages, and that’s really where we shine.

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