How Do I Qualify For the RapidVisa Payment Plan

12 Dec 2017

How do I qualify for your payment plan? Excellent question. Everybody qualifies. If you have a debit card, or a credit card, you can make the first payment, you qualify. Now, just to set your expectations. We do not write the check for the filing fee until after the third payment is processed, providing there’s no children. If you have some children, there maybe extra payments require. You can always call and ask us. We also have a landing page for the installment payment plan that you can check out on our website at It lists some of the details and requirements there and lists some of the payments. Then, also if you check each of the products, the K1 Visa, the CR1 Spousal Visa, on each of those pages it has a link that you can click on for the installment plan for that particular product or service.

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