Fiancé from Tanzania – Common K1 Visa Questions

11 May 2018

Molly asks, “I’m bringing my fiance from Tanzania, do you have any updated information or advice?”

Tanzania is not on the banned list, so it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just straight forward. The procedures for an i-129F fiance visa filing don’t change country to country, with the exception of something like the current ban we have. So Tanzania is just going to be the normal process that anybody else would go though. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

You can find a bunch of information on that on our site. We actually have a page on Tanzania.

Molly Further asks: “We were denied a tourist visa two years ago and I have returned multiple times since then. Would it matter as we continue with our K1? Should I plan a return trip to Tanzania when we has his interview? I know they may or may not speak with me, but does it help? Also do support letters help with their decision, from family or friends or co-workers?”

It’s not surprising you got denied for a tourist visa because again, they’re looking for tourists. They’re looking for people to spend money, people who have property and assets in their country. Being denied for a tourist visa shouldn’t have any bearing on your fiance visa.

That’s right. It’s at the embassy’s discretion if they want to allow the sponsor to attend the interview. Some do, some don’t, some do it situationally and occasionally they’ll require it. It doesn’t happen often, but there seems to be an uptick lately where they’ll require the sponsor to appear at the embassy.

You might find somebody that went with their K1 applicant to an interview two years ago, it doesn’t mean it’s allowed today. A lot of things, as far as staffing and waiting room space and security at the embassy and the local security conditions. I mean there’s so many variables you just never know. Even an embassy that normally does allow the sponsor to attend, you could show up and you could decide not to allow you in the interview, maybe they want to ask the applicant some questions without you present because of something they read.

To contact the embassy and find out if they are currently allowing sponsors to attend, the US Embassy in Dar es Salaam, call 255-22-229-4000.

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