Fiance & Spousal Visa Approval Rate From Morocco

02 Jul 2018

Most spousal fiancee visas are approved. The approval rates, although there’s a lot of variables, are very high. Vastly more people are approved for these visas than denied, from every country. Having said that, Morocco is not the highest on the highest denial countries. That would be Nigeria and Ghana. But even there, most people are approved.

As of 2020, only about 7% of our Morocco customers have any issues, which includes refunds, denials, etc. This still means that, even though Morocco is a high risk country, 93% of RapidVisa’s Morocco customers don’t have a problem.

The important thing to focus on is your risk factors. If one area of your case is shaky, you should build the other areas of your case. As the approval rate goes down, you need a stronger case. As you go down and you get into a country anywhere in the Middle East, or Northern Africa, like Morocco, you’re going to have to have a little bit more proof of the relationship. So, if you’re doing a fiancee visa, you’ve made one trip to see your fiancee in Morocco, and that was three months ago, and now you’re all of a sudden getting married, that’s a tougher case to prove.

If you spent time in Morocco, or you’ve made many trips over a year, that’s an easier case. So it really comes down to what is the depth of the relationship; what are actual details of your relationship? When we’ve seen a problem out of Morocco, it has been because of a very weak, on paper, case. We’ve built a tool to help you figure out how good your chances of approval for a K1 visa may be which takes into account more than just the nation of Morocco.

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